Despite the recent Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling on all 50 states, 31 of these states still have unclear fully-inclusive, non-discrimination protections for the LGBT community. This lack of permanent federal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation has led to the proposal of the Equality Act early this summer. Recently, the Minneapolis Star Tribune  expressed their support for the legislation to be approved soon.

According to Chad Griffin, Star Tribune editorial writer,  a 2015 poll of the LGBT community in America revealed that 63 percent of the respondents reported experiencing discrimination in because of their gender preferences. Half of the group further revealed that the discrimination occurred at work.

Here’s an excerpt of the editorial:

A lesbian couple in Minnesota, for example, can get married in St. Paul, then be at risk of losing a job in a neighboring state. Gay partners could be prevented from renting or even evicted from an apartment in a nearby state because of their relationship. That’s because the majority of states lack explicit provisions against employment, housing and public-access discrimination aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

And that’s why federal action is needed. Same-sex marriage laws ultimately couldn’t be left up to states — and neither should human civil rights protections for the LGBT community.

Companies and organizations that have openly supported and endorsed The Equality Act include The New York Times, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

What is the Equality Act?

In a nutshell, the Equality Act was introduced earlier this year with a record number of more than 200 cosponsors but still lacking GOP backers. The act, if legislated, will provide explicit, permanent protection in federal law against discrimination based on an individual’s gender identity or sexual orientation in employment, education, housing, jury service, credit and federal funding, and access to public spaces.

Increasing Support in the Media May Not Be Enough The increasingly positive support for LGBT by the media may not be enough to change public perception, particularly in marginalized communities. While it make take time for the Equality Act to be approved and implemented, promoting awareness of the act itself is one good way to show support.

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