The Gender Confirmation Center and Covid-19 

At the Gender Confirmation Center, we take the health and safety of our patients, staff, and community extremely seriously. As of Monday, May 4, our office located in downtown San Francisco has been open, and we have shifted many of our routine protocols to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please review the following information carefully:

In accordance with City of San Francisco guidelines, we require everyone who comes into our building at 450 Sutter Street to wear a face mask. Entrance will be denied to patients, visitors, and staff who are not wearing a mask. To prevent appointment cancellations, if you are unable to bring a mask, call our office and one of our staff members will bring one downstairs to you.

We will be conducting pre-appointment interviews over the phone when we make our routine appointment reminder calls. You will be asked two additional questions by the Gender Confirmation Center & Vista Surgery Center staff:

  • Have you had any flu symptoms or fevers in the past two weeks?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the past 14 days?

Patients who answer yes to either of these questions will require a re-scheduling of their appointment(s).

When visiting the Gender Confirmation Center during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • We will need to take your temperature to confirm that you are not experiencing a fever of over 99 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a temperature in our office of over 99 degrees, we will need you to reschedule your appointment(s).
  • ALL office visitors, including staff, are required to arrive with a mask. If you do not arrive with a mask or if you arrive with a mask with valves on it, a regular ear loop mask will be provided by our team on site.
  • We ask that you minimize the number of people that accompany you to our office. One essential support individual will be able to join you, and they will be subject to the same guidelines regarding masks and temperature checks as patients. Minors may bring two parents/guardians.
  • Emotional Support Animals will not be honored until further notice. Certified service animals that have been trained to perform work or tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability are allowed, but please contact our office before arriving with a certified service animal.

Surgery at the Vista Surgery Center during the Covid-19 pandemic: 

  • You will have your temperature taken immediately. If your temperature reads greater than 99 degrees, you will not be able to have surgery that day.
  • You will be expected to wear a simple ear loop mask at all times while at Vista. Staff members will also be wearing masks at all times.
  • Please be prepared to sign a form for that releases Vista Surgery Center of any Covid-19 related risks.
  • Vista Surgery Center does not permit any companions to accompany patients at any point when arriving and preparing for surgery at Vista surgery Center. Minors are exempt, and allowed to bring one guardian. There is no waiting room at Vista Surgery Center; companions are allowed to wait in the Gender Confirmation Center office.
  • Vista has installed antivirus filters on anesthesia machines and these will continue to be changed with each new patient.

It is our unwavering responsibility to our community that we continue to innovate our operations. We will keep you all informed with any Covid-19 related updates, and remember that our community is learning and connecting on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Our team can be reached at for questions about an appointment, updates on insurance approval, and/or for support in scheduling a consultation.