woman buttocks on similan island backgroundFrom ancient fertility goddesses to celebrities, the appearance of full, curvy, and round buttocks have always been one of the hallmark signs of feminine beauty.
For transgender women who would love to have a perkier and sexier backside minus the butt-lifting jeans (do they really work?), the fact that male buttocks are more angular, smaller, and firmer than a woman’s derriere could be an issue. The good news is that it’s possible to enhance the appearance of your backside naturally through a Brazilian butt lift!

In this blog post, you will learn the following:

  • Whether or not you’re a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift including its pros and cons
  • What to expect during the procedure
  • What recovery would be like and how to bounce back quickly from the procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift at a Glance

In contrast to buttock enhancement with implants where soft silicone implants are placed through an incision inside the buttock’s natural crease, a Brazilian butt lift will use your own fat for a more sensual backside. In fact, it is currently more popular than implants because it’s less invasive and more natural. At our practice, we only recommend implants if the patient doesn’t have enough fat to transfer.

Is It For You?

Now that you already have a clear picture of what’s involved in the Brazilian butt lift, you’re probably wondering if this buttock enhancement procedure is for you. By and large, you’re an ideal candidate if:

  • You have the right amount of excess fat that can be obtain in other areas of the body.
  • You are in excellent shape physically and mentally.
  • You have realistic expectations of the treatment.

How a Transgender Brazilian Butt Lift Can Help You Transition
Transgender women who are considering a Brazilian butt lift are often delighted to accomplish the following after the procedure:

    • A significant increase in waist-to-hip ratio without gaining weight or performing lower body exercises.
    • A slimmer and more contoured silhouette because excess fat is removed from problem areas.
    • A more natural look in contrast to implants.

Additional Benefits:

  • The risk of rejection is less likely because it’s more natural than buttock implants.
  • Since it’s a non-invasive procedure, there is less likelihood of infection and recovery period is shorter.

Possible Downsides You Should Know About

Like all types of surgery, a Brazilian butt lift has its own downsides too. At our practice, we want you to make informed decisions so we lay out everything including the cons of each procedure.

  • You may need to have repeated surgery because there may not be enough fat that will be absorbed during the first treatment. Generally, it depends on the boost that you want for your derriere.
  • To help establish a rich blood supply for the donor fat in its new location, you will be instructed to be careful with your buttocks during the first couple of months following the procedure — from not wearing tight fitting clothes to limitations in sex.

What happens during your Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Mosser?

A Brazilian butt lift involves two steps: fat harvesting from the the donor site and fat grafting to your buttocks. Once you’re sedated with general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, Dr. Mosser will use a thin tube to break down and suction out unwanted fat from the donor site.

Fat may be taken from almost anywhere on your body, but most transgender patients benefit from trunk liposuction, which ultimately “feminizes” or contours their waistline prior to augmenting their buttocks.

Once the fat has been harvested, it is processed and purified. Dr. Mosser will carefully re-inject the fat into your buttocks. It will be injected in a fan-like pattern and hundreds of tiny injections will be made to ensure that that the fat is equally redistributed. This is why it pays to find an experienced and adept Brazilian butt lift surgeon. When done correctly, a Brazilian butt lift offers long-lasting results without the need for an additional round of fat injections.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

The recovery time for the Brazilian Butt Lift generally involves taking about a week off from work, and roughly three weeks off from exercise. On your third week, you will be allowed to sit and drive again and will be encouraged to do some mild stretches. By and large, it depends on the extent of fat transfer. Most normal, daily activities can be resumed in about a week.

Following surgery, use pillows for cushion when sitting to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks.  It is important to note that you can’t lie or sit directly for about two weeks following the procedure.

Got a burning question on the Brazilian butt lift? We’d love to hear from you! Our team is not just knowledgeable about the procedure but understands your desire to keep everything confidential.