How can I afford the costs of gender-affirming surgery?

This is one of the most common questions we get from prospective patients, which makes sense. It reflects one of the greatest barriers that our transgender, non-binary and gender expansive community faces in accessing gender affirming surgical care. The Gender Confirmation Center (GCC) has a successful track record helping our patients afford their operations through community financing partnerships and insurance advocacy. In the case of an insurance denial, we have compiled this resource guide for free and affordable surgeries for patients who ask us, “how much will top surgery, bottom surgery, facial surgery or body contouring procedure cost me?”

At the center of the GCC’s practice is our commitment to accessibility. Gender affirming surgeries are medically necessary for many members of the trans, non-binary and gender expansive community. We strive to eliminate or reduce the barriers that patients might face in improving their quality of life through gender affirming care tailored to their specific needs and identities. Our insurance advocacy team and community financing partnerships are extensions of our medical team’s work to counter the historical exclusion in transgender healthcare of people who are neurodivergent, disabled and/or have high BMIs.

Does the GCC offer free surgery?

Yes, but only through established non profit organizations that have developed expertise in assessing need and in selection of applicants. Read below to learn more about this process.

How much will my gender-affirming surgery and surgical consultations cost?

The following costs are used to calculate general estimates for surgical procedures, which can be found below:

  • Consultations before and follow-up appointments after surgery
  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • Operating room fees
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Implants and postoperative garments

Exact price quotations cannot be made online or over the telephone; however, as part of your consultation, you will find out the exact costs of the procedures. This is because at the GCC, we are committed to giving each patient’s goals, body type, and accessibility needs the specialized attention and care they deserve. During the pre-surgical consultation, you and your surgeon will decide what surgery techniques and accommodations will be necessary to achieve your goals. This will be reflected in the final procedure cost. Therefore, the costs outlined below are general estimates only.

Chest reconstruction top surgery $8,500 – 10,000
Breast Augmentation $8,000 – 9,500
Liposuction (1 area such as stomach or thighs) $5,500 – 6,500
Liposuction (whole trunk) $9,500 – 10,500
Brazilian Butt Lift ( liposuction with buttocks fat grafting)  $15,000 – 18,000
Pathology (required for chest reconstruction, see PDF) estimate of $600

*These are cash pay rates. Contracted insurance rates will differ.

Please note that there is no fee for a virtual consultation.  The fee for in-person consultations is $150 and will be applied toward the overall fees of the procedure.  If you see our surgeons as part of an insurance plan, the consultation will be charged in accordance with your insurance. For questions about the insurance coverage process, click here.

What financing options exist for gender affirming surgery through the Gender Confirmation Center?

Care Credit Gender Surgery Financing

The GCC is pleased to partner with Care Credit to help our patients with or without insurance to finance the costs of their surgical procedure. The CareCredit card is North America’s leading patient payment program. The CareCredit card is easy to use, includes no hidden costs, and can be applied towards both surgical costs and follow-up appointments.

Through their website, you can access tools like the payment calculator and even find out if you qualify for a CareCredit card by starting a commitment-free, instant application.

Does the Gender Confirmation Center provide free surgeries?

Yes, thanks to our established partnerships with many established non profit organizations, the GCC is able to provide surgeries pro-bono or free of cost to some of our patients. Our team feels strongly that we need to keep the decision-making process fair and at arms length as to which applicants are selected. We collaborate with organizations such as Point of Pride, the Jim Collins Foundation and Genderbands because of their developed expertise in assessing need and selecting applications. Patients still pass through the regular surgical consultation process after they are first selected by the organization. Our clinical team confirms their candidacy for surgery as a second step. You can learn more about our three grant partnerships below:

Point of Pride

Point of Pride Logo - Free Gender Surgery

Point of Pride is a foundation that offers an annual gender affirming surgery grant. It is a scholarship-like program that provides direct financial assistance to trans, non-binary and gender expansive folks who cannot afford their gender-affirming surgery.

The Jim Collins Foundation

Free Gender Surgery - Jim Collins Foundation Logo

The Jim Collins Foundation is a community-based initiative that raises money to fund gender affirming surgeries for gender diverse people who need surgery to live a healthy life but are unable to pay for it themselves. Their grant application cycle is annual; in other words, it is open once a year during the summer. Prospective patients may choose between applying for the General Fund, which covers 100% of surgical costs, or the Krysallis Anne Hembrough Legacy Fund, which covers 50% of costs and requires the patient to match the other 50%. All grantees are required to comply with the WPATH Standards of Care if selected. For more information about the Jim Collins Foundation grant, click here.


Free Gender Confirmation Surgery and Binders - GenderBands Logo

Genderbands is an international nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves the transgender, gender non-conforming, and other gender-diverse communities. Their surgery grant application is available in English and Spanish and also occurs on an annual cycle. Grant applications are open from November 1 to December 31 every year. For more information, click here.

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