Transmasculine and Pregnant

For folks on HRT Testosterone they may experience a change in secondary sex characteristics such as fat re-distribution, deepening of the voice, increased muscle mass, male-pattern baldness and usually causes the cessation of menses (the person’s period/menstrual cycle stops), though some transmasculine folks become pregnant while taking testosterone.

How does a transmasculine person become pregnant?

If one hasn’t had bottom surgery (hysterectomy/phalloplasty) you retain the capacity to bear children. To become pregnant, some folks will go off testosterone and waited for menstrual cycles to return.

Do you have to go off Testosterone to become pregnant?

It’s important to note that some folks have gotten pregnant while taking Testosterone. If you are wanting to conceive it’s most successful to go off of T. Testosterone leaves your blood system within 10 days, in about 2 weeks you’ll begin menstruating. Once you begin menstruating that is the optimal time to begin trying to conceive.

Do you need fertility treatments to become pregnant?

Everyone’s ability to conceive varies based on your own genetic makeup. However, there’s no evidence at this time that says being on Testosterone at any point in your lifetime causes complications in conceiving.

Can I chestfeed (breastfeed)?

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If I’ve had top surgery and become pregnant, will my chest grow in size?

When your milk supply comes in there is a possibility that your chest will become ‘engorged’ but it will not be nearly to the degree that would happen if the breast tissue were left in place.  This event will depend on how much breast tissue was left behind, which varies from surgery to surgery but is usually <10% of the original amount of breast tissue.