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Nico R

I have nothing but incredible things to say about my experience with Dr. Mosser and his team. Being transgender, it sometimes feels that you are constantly fighting battles when it comes to your medical care. Dr. Mosser was such a breath of fresh air. He is a professional that genuinely understands the transgender community and values the opportunity to contribute towards changing transgender lives.

Surgery with Dr. Mosser changed my life. I continue to be impressed by my results. He listened carefully to what my goals were with surgery and executed them perfectly. This is a physician who is not only a surgeon, but an artist.

Thank you Dr. Mosser and your team for making me feel confident in my body and inspiring me to live everyday as my authentic self.

Nico R.

Ace S

Surgery with Dr. Mosser has truly been a transformative, life-changing experience. Today I am comfortable and confident to say I am trans: a conclusion that took years to reach.

Navigating through the US healthcare system has been an ongoing challenge, especially as a foreign-born, non-binary person. Growing up between two cultures and juggling with differently defined gender roles, I have struggled with the idea that I wasn’t “trans enough” to deserve or qualify for treatment (which is, of course, not true at all!) The moment I walked into Dr. Mosser’s office, I knew I was welcomed, listened to, and taken seriously. Thank you so much for holding a safe, respectful, and liberating space for all folks on the spectrum.

I am fortunate and privileged to have made it this far with the help of such a great support system. Without the weight of dysphoria, my mind and body feel so much lighter; even breathing seems a lot easier now. I am finally at peace with the person in the mirror staring back at me, and I remind them how proud I am for who we are, the choices we’ve made and for surviving the little everyday struggles.

Ace S.


As a non-binary person, I wavered for a long time about whether or not to have top surgery. Working with Dr. Mosser’s practice helped me decide to go for it, and in retrospect it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Like many transgender people, I struggled with feeling comfortable in my body before surgery, and that made it hard for me to take good care of health, like exercising and going to the doctor. I’ve been a runner for a long time, but going for a run always made me self-conscious. The first time I went for a run after recovering from surgery it felt so light and easy that I literally laughed out loud running down the sidewalk. Now when I exercise I can enjoy the way it makes me feel, instead of trying to avoid thinking about my body. As great as having top surgery was for my mental health and my gender identity, it’s also been really important in helping me take better care of my physical health.

Dr. Mosser’s practice stood out to me because everyone was very competent around working with non-binary clients, and Dr. Mosser was really willing to listen to my particular goals for surgery and make them happen. Moving through the world after surgery feels cleaner, like I used to devote lots of mental energy into dealing with my dysphoria and I just don’t have to anymore. Just about every day I notice some little thing that feels easier than it used to – taking a shower, getting dressed, going to the gym, even hugging a friend. And every day, I feel grateful for this new comfort in my body.

Ary S.

Testimonial 1

Dear Dr. Mosser, thanks so much for meeting with me the other day to discuss top surgery. I am grateful to you and Andrea for your thoughtfulness and kindness. This was the most positive experience I’ve had with a healthcare team in a long time, and I am thankful for your attention to issues of gender identity! I look forward to meeting with you again in a few weeks.

FTM Top Surgery patient

Testimonial 2

Dr. Mosser, you are a talented blessing! I’m glad we crossed paths and were able to work well with one another through this whole process. Thank you for helping me achieve the best blessing in my life! I can’t be anymore thankful than I already am for the amazing work you have done for me. You are a gem of great talent and charisma! Thank you for making me feel 100% comfortable with your work & info & staff, you are all great!

FTM Top Surgery patient

Testimonial 3

Thank you Dr. Mosser for taking such good care of me. You made this whole process and experiences the best it could have been. Never once did you make me feel uncomfortable and you were always very reassuring and kind. I appreciate so much the work you do for this community and specifically what you did for me. Thank You


Testimonial 4

Dear Dr. Mosser,

I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all that you’ve done! I imagine that being a surgeon is very rewarding by nature, but I want to stress the individual impact you have made on my life as it cannot be captured by words. You have, with the help of your incredible staff, given me a second chance at loving my body and loving myself. My gratitude is beyond the limitations of a simple letter.

I am nothing but ecstatic with how the entire process went. I thoroughly enjoyed coordinating with your team and essentially establishing a relationship with each member. You have gathered a remarkable group of people and it undoubtedly shows. You are very professional, sincere, caring and efficient. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

As surgery approached I was nothing but excited. Your skill, composure and finesse eased any nervousness that surfaced. I am extraordinarily grateful for what you have done for me. You are amazing at what you do and you make remarkable impacts on the lives of others. I thank you for allowing mine to be one of them.

I look forward to embracing life with this new outlook as I can now feel comfortable in my own skin. I look forward to feeling more confident and more at peace with myself. Thank you for everything. You have given me happiness, you have given me freedom.

Testimonial 5

I just want to thank you for being such a strong supporter of my transition. During this time I have learned that finding allies are exceptionally rare and should be honored and appreciated. Thanks to your support, I wake up each morning with the desire to finish my day. I have never so alive, happy and enthusiastic. Your support has allowed me to pursue many dreams I have put on hold over the years because I simply thought I wasn’t good enough. I cannot thank you enough, I am so grateful to have found a supporter in my transition.

Testimonial 6

Dr. Mosser & Team,

Thank you for turning your diligence and hard work toward gender confirming surgeries. The skill you bring to these procedures provides those of us who need them more than just diminished comfort. I feel positive and happy with myself in a way I had previously dismissed as impossible. Thanks again for your care.

Testimonial 7

Last week I was lucky enough to have Dr. Mosser as my surgeon for FTM top surgery. I couldn’t be happier with the results as well as the terrific experience I had in your office. Your office is simply the best any trans person could ask for! You were all so kind and welcoming and my recovery is going wonderfully. I’m so so grateful for the experience I had with you all, and I want to express what an incredible thing you have done for my life. For you guys this is an everyday occurrence, but for me it is a huge milestone and a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much for everything and for truly changing my life!  

Testimonial 8

Dr. Mosser – I wanted to thank you again for everything you’ve done for me. I hope you know what a difference you’re not only making in my life, but every other trans person’s life who comes to you as well. I chose you because I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews and you’ve exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for helping me recognize who I see in the mirror. You really are amazing.