Dear Dr. Mosser and Staff, Thank you for all you have done for me and for so many other non-binary trans people like me. I have received excellent medical care at many previous moments in my life- but that care only ever came with the weight of many excruciating expectations and assumptions (however well-intentioned) about who I was, or how and how I was supposed to be. Thank you for approaching your work with curiosity and empathy. Thank you for honoring the experiences, desires, fears, hopes and dreams of all people like me. It is definitely much easier to ignore, undermine, discard, or”normalize” us. Thank you for doing what is fair and decent and right even though it is hard. It was certainly hard for me to learn how to articulate what I wanted for myself, and then to believe I was allowed to do so. I’m so glad you all were here for me when I was finally capable and ready. I hope many others like me will find you when they need you, too. I know I will cherish this body for the rest of my life now that it suits me so much better. But I might cherish this experience- so rare and sweet and wonderful- of being seen, heard, acknowledged, and understood even more! Anyway, thank you for all of it. Mahalo.

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