About Dr. Mosser’s Blog

Dr. Mosser is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who’s area of expertise is FTM/N and MTF/N top surgery and body sculpting. He has dedicated years  educating himself on many other aspects of transgender related resources and gender alignment processes so he can best serve the community.

About The Content

There are 3 categories in this blog:

  • Transgender Top Surgery
    • This will focus on additional information regarding top surgery that isn’t on the main area of our website
    • There are many topics listed here so please peruse at your leisure
  • Other Transgender Surgery 
    • This section is dedicated in other gender affirming surgeries that Dr. Mosser doesn’t perform but has knowledge of. Such as Facial Feminization Surgery, Bottom Surgery and Hysterectomies.
  • Transgender Healthcare
    • This section focuses on other trans related healthcare information such as Testosterone, Estrogen, Hormone Blockers and Acne Treatment
  • Transgender Resources
    • This section covers many important resources that the transgender, non-binary and gender expansive community may find highly valuable when navigating their transition/alignment process. Content such as therapy options, quitting smoking, pregnancy, family support and misgendering can be found here

We’d Love Your Help

If you weren’t able to find the resources you need in order to support your gender journey (or someone else you’re trying to find resources for) please email our Director of Communications, Charity (they/them pronouns) at charity@genderconfirmation.com with the subject line “Blog Suggestion”. In the body of your email please indicate what transgender resources you feel would be important for the community that isn’t already present on our blog or main website www.genderconfirmation.com.