When I decided to proceed with gender affirming surgery, I was nervous, scared, and overwhelmed. I didn’t know what surgeries were available, what the recovery would look like, or how to go about receiving that kind of medical care. Google search after Google search, I found myself looking at educational content on the GCC website. I learned about the various kinds of top surgery, their ability to perform body contouring, and the kinds of gender masculinization surgeries available, the stages of recovery, and the process in general. It was then that I felt confident in my choice to proceed with GCC for my medical care. In total I have had three surgeries with Dr. Facque and I could not be happier with my results! He performed a double incision with nipple grafts, body contouring (flank, abdomen, thighs), and facial masculinization surgery (chin lipo). In every case, the process was smooth and straightforward (despite some of my surgeries taking place during the height of COVID). I scheduled consults, communicated with the insurance team, and got on the surgery schedule – each time with ease. The process really helped calm my nerves around this pivotal moment in my life, the team was respectful and answered all my questions, and Dr. Facque made me feel seen and heard. I think it speaks volumes that each time I’ve decided to proceed with a gender affirming surgery, I’ve always returned to GCC. I am now a more confident, joyous, and excited version of myself, and running around with my shirt off never gets old!

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