When I first started medically and socially transitioning, I could see the effects slowly shifting my body. I was ecstatic, documenting everything closely from my hair, face and body profile. My friends would shower me with support and compliments while on my journey. Despite this, dysphoria kept cropping up over things others may consider minor flaws or even unnoticeable. To me, they were glaringly obvious. Most notably, my hairline, brow ridge, and the shape of my jaw. I did my best to hide them with camera angles and subtle lighting in pictures, but seeing my face in the mirror reminded me of my flaws. It heightened my fear that others could see them too, regardless of how they would say otherwise. I realized that of all the gender affirming surgeries that I could undergo, I knew I wanted to remedy those areas of my face first before anything else. Thanks to the entire staff of the Gender Confirmation Center and notably Dr. Alexander Facque, every time I see myself in the mirror and pictures, I am overwhelmed with joy that I get to look like this everyday now. When I compare before and after surgery pictures, I can see the positive changes surgery has made on my face. The further I’m along in my recovery, the more the changes take effect.

    I have also improved immensely, emotionally and mentally. I go out of my way to check myself out in the mirror, where before I actively avoided. I rely less on camera tricks while taking selfies, and I take plenty of them. I have a newfound sense of self-confidence in addition to the help of hormones, makeup and developing my aesthetic. Facial surgery and the recovery were some of the most physically and mentally intense things I have gone through, but I know it was the right decision to make. I am so thankful for the opportunity to unlock my fullest potential.

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