My name is Jeyden, and I would like to share my story with top surgery. For years I knew I wanted to do something about my chest. Unfortunately, I did not have many resources to understand better that having top surgery was an option. Eventually, when I started gaining independence, I decided to go to therapy. My therapist recommended the Gender Confirmation Center out of San Francisco, California. I was in awe of the option of surgery being so close to me, but the journey wasn’t over for me; it had just begun. I had so many questions, “how does surgery work?” “What is possible?” “What will I look like?” “Will I be okay?” I was overwhelmed. I spoke with a friend who had surgery with Dr. Mosser, and from there, I was able to believe that I could go through with the surgery.

    I had my consultation, and Dr. Mosser was honest and answered all my questions. Initially, he was to be my surgeon, but Dr. Facque took his place due to scheduling. Even then, he took his time answering my questions, made me feel comfortable, and even comforted me when I had some tears during one of the earlier stages of my consultations. Finally, I made the appointment, and the countdown began! January 18th, 2021, I walked into GCC, the old version of myself, and came out (no pun intended) a new person!

    The nurses were so kind to answer any post questions that I may have had or concerns. They walked through my care with my post-bandage removal. I am genuinely grateful for gender-affirming care and the doctors/nurses that make it all possible. Their attention to detail, patience, and care make the surgery worthwhile. Now I am two years post-op, and I truly am a happy trans person. I don’t know where I would be mentally if this surgery did not happen. Thank you, GCC, for giving me the confidence I needed to be the person I knew I could be.

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