While the exact figures are unclear on the number of transgender surgeries that are performed each year, one thing’s for certain — WPATH’s Standards of Care indicate that diagnosis of gender dysphoria (gender identity disorder) with a letter of recommendation from a certified therapist allows a transgender individual to undergo hormone therapy and surgery. (WPATH is World Professional Association for Transgender Health).

In this short blog post, we’ll take a closer look on buttock reshaping as part of both MTF (male to female) and FTM (female to male) transition surgery.

Transgender Buttock Reshaping Goals

Transgender buttock reshaping is one of the body contouring surgical procedures that transgender individuals may undergo to feel confident about themselves and live authentic lives.

For transgender females, the goal of buttock reshaping is to minimize the angular appearance common in male buttocks, and resculpt the concave edges to give way to feminine curves.

Meanwhile, transgender males desire the opposite — they want to eliminate feminine curves to have smaller, flatter, and firmer buttocks.

What Happens During Buttock Masculinization or Feminization

Before understanding how buttock masculinization or feminization surgery works, it’s best to examine the normal buttock shape in both males and females.

The Male Buttocks

Men are known for their flat buttocks. This is because their backsides often lack projection and carry more fat in their flanks, which in turn blunts the shape of the lower back curve.

When it comes to storing body fat, men characteristically have an android fat distribution. This is when fat is stored in the midsection of the body, specifically the abdomen, but also in the chest and upper arms.

Buttock Feminization Surgery via the Brazilian Butt Lift

Although diet and exercise may prevent weight gain in men, both do little in transforming male buttocks to a more feminine, fuller, and curvier shape. At our San Francisco practice, a Brazilian butt lift is often the surgical procedure of choice for transgender women who want to transition.

In contrast to traditional buttock implants, the Brazilian butt lift will use your own fat from selected areas of your body — often the abdomen and buttocks — to enhance the appearance of your backside. You need to have sufficient amounts of fat to undergo this procedure.

You can learn more about the Brazilian butt lift in this comprehensive guide we created.

Aside from increasing buttock profile and projection, the Brazilian butt lift offers another benefit of eliminating or reducing excess fat in the abdomen — both of which are common characteristics of android fat distribution.

The Female Buttocks

As opposed to the flat, concave buttocks in men, the female derriere has a distinct curve, fullness, and projection. Another noticeable difference is the S-curve silhouette just above the upper buttocks plus the outward curve of the upper and mid buttock areas in women.

While men have android fat distribution, women tend to adopt a more gynoid fat pattern — fat is stored primarily around the hips and thighs.

Buttock Masculinization Surgery via Liposuction

For transgender males, liposuction can be used to reduce the more obvious feminine curves of the waist, hips, and thighs. As a result,  the feminine curves are transformed to a more masculine “V” or wedge shape emphasizing the appearance of a wider upper torso-to-waist ratio.

Apart from reshaping female buttocks to a more masculine appearance by removing excess fat, liposuction can also lead to potential reduction in cellulite when complemented with regular exercise.

Experienced transgender surgeons like Dr. Mosser are adept in using liposuction to sculpt and reshape the masculine or feminine shape that you desire.

Your Transgender Body Contouring Plan

Nothing beats a personal consultation with Dr. Mosser if you want a thorough discussion of your goals, preferences, and interests in transgender body contouring.

Aside from a thorough physical assessment, our team are pros in helping you come up with a plan that takes your medical history and lifestyle into consideration. As always, your comfort is our top priority.

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