Dr. Daniel Jacobs, Gender Surgeon in San Francisco

    Welcome Dr. Daniel Jacobs to our gender surgery team.

    It’s with great enthusiasm and excitement that we announce another expansion of The Gender Confirmation Center. After a thorough search for exceptional and skilled surgeons, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Jacobs will be joining our ever-growing practice. With this expansion, we will be increasing our capacity to perform top surgery. Dr. Dan Jacobs is eagerly looking forward to joining our team and providing outstanding surgical care for transmasculine, transfeminine, non-binary and gender-expansive patients.
    Dr. Daniel Jacobs brings 30 years of experience in plastic surgery and research. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from U.C. Davis with the highest honors and went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine with Alpha Omega Alpha honors. Dr. Jacobs completed a General Surgery residency at SC School of Medicine and a Plastic Surgery residency at USC School of Medicine. His exceptional work has been recognized through prestigious medical awards such as the ‘Sidney R. Garfield, MD Exceptional Contribution Award’ in 2017, San Jose Kaiser Permanente’s ‘Outstanding Inpatient Physician of the Year’ in 2017, and the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Medicine’ award from Santa Clara Medical Association in 2016.

    Dr. Daniel Jacobs will begin seeing patients after July 1, 2022. To read more about Dr. Jacobs, click here, and to schedule a consult with Dr. Jacobs, please click here.

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