Dr. Scott Mosser

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
Transgender Chest and Body Surgery
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  • Finding an Understanding Plastic Surgeon…

    is one of the most important steps of your journey. Getting empowered with good information is another. I’m Dr. Scott Mosser, a San Francisco Plastic Surgeon and I created this site to help initiate the discussion about important issues regarding the chest and body surgery portion of the transgender journey. Read More
  • Meeting a team that respects your journey…

    can be very comforting as you make your way through this transition. Your story is important to us and we strive to help you feel comfortable and accepted from the moment you contact us. We have been through the process of working toward insurance approval, educating patients on surgery, and getting transgender patients to their goals for many years and we love what we do. Read More
  • Knowing your surgical options…

    will help you understand your body and how your plan for surgery will need to be uniquely suited for you. There are pros and cons to each choice we make regarding surgery, and it is important for you to understand the benefits and trade-offs of each. Only with a full knowledge of each path can you be sure that you’re on the right one. Read More


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