From Balian Buschbaum to Chaz Bono to Loren Cameron,  there have been a good number of celebrities who come out as transgender males for the past decade.  Many of these transgender men have gone on to become extraordinarily accomplished in their fields.

If you’re a woman who is having a hard time identifying with the gender you were born with, coming out and transitioning may be one of the best decisions you can make in your life.

At our practice, chest masculinization surgery helps transgender men transition by getting rid of their breasts. While binding can help recreate a smaller and less noticeable chest appearance, it’s usually not a great alternative to surgery. Most transgender men will eventually undergo FTM (female to male chest surgery) to be comfortable with their bodies.

We differentiate the two types of FTM chest surgery below!

FTM Chest Surgery: Breast Reduction vs Breast Excision

The goal of FTM chest surgery is to surgically remove your breasts to help you achieve a more masculine or androgynous body. You can either opt for breast reduction or breast excision.

Breast reduction for transgender men works the same way as breast reduction in women. If you want a smaller chest but not necessarily a masculine-looking chest, a breast reduction may be the perfect choice.

On the other hand, breast excision or breast reconstruction is recommended if you wish to completely eliminate the feminine contours of your chest. In most cases, breast reconstruction involves the removal of the milk producing ducts and glands as well as nipple repositioning or removal.

It is worth noting that both FTM chest surgery techniques eliminate excess skin, tissues, and fat from the chest. The amount of tissues removed and the extent of what’s removed during the procedure is the main difference between the two.

Breast Reconstruction After Breast Reduction in FTM Top Surgery

If you’re thinking about having breast reduction before deciding on a breast excision, you can opt to have the reduction surgery first. And when you’re not satisfied with the appearance of your chest following surgery, you can talk to Dr. Mosser about breast reconstruction.

Keep in mind, however, that having two succeeding surgeries will increase your risk of obvious scarring. This is why it’s extremely important to consult with an experienced transgender surgeon who can help you decide based on his skills, previous experience, and objectivity.

Over the years, Dr. Mosser has found that it is rare that one would want a breast reduction alone. Many of our patients are more in tune with wanting a complete breast excision and would choose it over breast reduction.

We also noticed that chest masculinization is highly favored by a majority of our transgender male patients in San Francisco.  Dr. Mosser specializes on many different approaches for this procedure.

Are you still undecided between breast reconstruction and breast excision?

It’s natural to still shuffle between wanting a breast reduction or complete breast excision. Our FTM before and after photo gallery can give you a clearer idea of the distinction between the two.

You can also get in touch with us for more of these photos plus schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Mosser. During your virtual consultation with Dr. Mosser, an in-depth discussion of recommendations will be made only after a careful assessment of your needs and preferences.

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