Dr. Ellie Zara Ley, Gender Surgeon in San Francisco

Welcome Dr. Ellie Ley to our gender surgery team.

Dr. Ellie Zara Ley, Gender Surgeon in San Francisco
We are proud to announce that Dr. Ellie Zara Ley will be joining the Gender Confirmation Center. Dr. Ley will be seeing patients starting March 1, 2022.
Dr. Ley is a board certified plastic surgeon and provides comprehensive gender-affirming care to transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse patients, with a special interest in transgender youth. She is proud to join the Gender Confirmation Center and contribute to the expansion of services to include gender confirming facial surgeries, top surgeries, body contouring surgeries, and bottom surgeries, ranging from vaginoplasty to metoidioplasty and urethral lengthening to complex microsurgical urethral and phalloplasty reconstruction. To read more about Dr. Ley, click here, and to schedule a consult with Dr. Ley, please click here.

Procedures Offered

With the addition of Dr. Ley, the Gender Confirmation Center will now offer the following additional procedures:

  • Bottom Surgeries
    • Vaginoplasty
    • Vulvoplasty
    • Labiaplasty
    • Orchiectomy
    • Metoidioplasty
      • Simple
      • With Urethral Lengthening
    • Phalloplasty
      • Groin flap
      • Radial Forearm Flap (RFF)
      • Anterolateral Thigh Flap (ALT)
      • Urethral Lengthening
      • Erectile Device
    • Scrotoplasty
    • Testicular Implants
    • Tissue Expanders
    • Bottom Surgery Repairs and Revisions

The addition of Dr. Ley to our team will also enable us to provide even more top surgeries, body contouring surgeries, and facial surgeries, alongside Dr. Mosser and Dr. Facque.
Scheduling an Appointment
To schedule a consultation with Dr. Ley, please contact us.