How to Take Photos for Your Virtual Consultation or Online Followup

Dr. Mosser sees patients from all across the globe. To increase accessibility, he performs complimentary virtual consultations. This includes gender affirming top surgery and body contouring procedures for persons who are FTM, gender neutral/non-binary and MTF. Prior to your consultation, you will need to upload photos onto our secure online portal. Dr. Mosser uses the photos to assess what procedure types and techniques may be best for. Clear photos of your whole torso (for top surgery) and whole body (for body contouring) is necessary.

In order to get the most out of your time with Dr. Mosser it’s very important to try to take photos that fit the criteria below. Please note that the same photo taking criteria applies to your online follow-ups (after top surgery). The information below can also be viewed, shared and printed as PDF images via these top surgery and body contouring photo guide links.

Photography Tips

The minimum requirements to keep in mind when taking photos are as follows:

  • Good lighting so he can see clearly see your contours and skin elasticity. Turning the flash on is recommended as long as it doesn’t wash out your photo
  • Solid background, like the back of a bathroom door or against a bare wall
  • Portrait mode (not horizontal) so he can see as much of your body as possible. If you have someone you feel comfortable with it would be best for them to take the photo (or use the self-timer option on your camera)
  • Not too close, photos should be taken at a distance to capture more of your body
  • Self timer, using the self timer feature will be easiest in capturing these angles. Or, having someone you feel comfortable with take the photos

Top Surgery Photos

Dr. Mosser needs 5 different photo angles of your whole torso (not just chest tissue area). Although it may be challenging try to ensure your photos look relatively similar to the photos below:

Body Contouring Photos

You’ll need to give Dr. Mosser 6 different photo angles (pictured below). When taking the photos you should be standing with your feet a shoulder width apart. It’s ideal for Dr. Mosser to see as much of your body as possible, below this photo set are undergarment options to consider prior to taking your photos.

Options for What to Wear for  Your Body Contouring Consultation or Followup Photos

  1. Wear no underwear at all. Although completely nude may not be idea, this is the best option as it gives Dr. Mosser the opportunity to fully assess your body. Some patients will use a app on their phone to blur out their genital area.
  2. Wear ‘bikini’ type underwear or an article of underwear that covers the least amount of your body is the second best option.
  3. Wear ‘boy shorts’ type underwear that aren’t very long and don’t overly compress your body form. If your underwear covers your thighs pull them up as far as possible being careful not to position them in a way that distorts your body.

What Not to Wear

  1. Do not wear anything loose or long (such as boxers, shorts, pants etc.).
  2. Do not wear anything that compresses the hips, waist and thighs too much.