Most Frequently Asked Top Surgery Questions

Dr. Mosser has kept track of the most frequently asked questions he gets at his practice. He's created these short videos to provide answers.

When Do I Need to Quit Smoking Before FTM/N Top Surgery?

This video explains why and when you have to stop smoking for a certain amount of time before and after surgery.

Are There Any Weight or BMI Requirements For FTM/N Top Surgery?

This video explains why some surgeons do have a weight or BMI requirement for FTM/N top surgery and why his practice doesn't.

Post-Op Top Surgery Care; Showering After FTM/N Top Surgery

This video explains how to shower after top surgery, including what to avoid, the level of pressure to use and other helpful hints on taking the best care of your results.

Top Surgery & Pain Management

This video goes over the '10 point pain scale' which is a way of assessing & expressing the severity of discomfort during a recovery period. 1 being the least amount of pain and 10 being the most amount of pain you've ever felt. Dr. Mosser will explain what's a 'normal' amount of pain, what's more concerning.

What Are Nipple Grafts Supposed to Look Like After FTM/N Top Surgery?

The appearance of Nipple Grafts after FTM/N top surgery can be alarming. There is a lot of debate on what's 'normal' and 'abnormal' looking during the healing process. This video will go over the appearance of Nipple Grafts as they heal and what you can expect.

Activity & Exercise After FTM/N or MTF/N Top Surgery

This video covers what you can and can't do after either FTM/N or MTF/N top surgery. This includes physical activities such as running, cycling, lifting light weights, lifting heavy weights etc. Dr. Mosser will also go over specific movements to avoid while recovering from top surgery.

HRT Testosterone and Top Surgery

Do I have to be on T to get top surgery? Do I have to go off of T before getting top surgery? Will being on T help with my top surgery results? This video addresses some really popular questions around Testosterone (T) hormone replacement therapy and getting FTM/N Top Surgery. Watch to find out!