Chest Reconstruction and Breast Augmentation Surgery in Gender Dysphoria Treatment

When transgender and gender non-conforming choose to alter physical characteristics with sex reassignment surgery (SRS), they need the services of a board certified plastic surgeon who has expertise and understanding of the special circumstances as well as experience in aesthetic breast surgery.

One of the most frequently requested plastic surgery procedures for transgender individuals is chest reconstruction, either MTF breast augmentation to create a more feminine body shape or FTM chest reconstruction to create a more masculine chest. For MTF patients, breast augmentation, with or without hormone therapy, can be very important in confirming a feminine self-image by bringing these external physical attributes into sync with the inner sexual orientation. For FTM patients, removing obvious feminine sex indicators like breasts can confirm a more masculine self-image and gender expression.

A Special Understanding of the Transgender Patient’s Needs

Understanding trans and gender non-conforming patients and performing transgender surgery must encompass more than simply the patient’s physiology and health history. Treating these patients requires an in-depth understanding of who they are and what such surgery means to them. Dr. Mosser, a board certified plastic surgeon, not only possesses the necessary expertise and experience for performing FTM and MTF top surgeries, but has earned a reputation as a compassionate and understanding physician who treats each patient as a special individual with special needs. A transgender patient can expect to receive top quality personalized pre- and post-op care from Dr. Mosser and his professional staff.

FTM Chest Reconstruction (Top Surgery)

For transmen and non-binary transmasculine patients, top surgery is usually the first, and sometimes the only surgery chosen to medically transform their gender identity and expression. Before taking the surgical step, typically the individual will spend time living as their chosen gender and undergo psychological counseling. Some patients will also have hormone therapy to alter voice, skin and hair patterns before deciding to have top surgery. It is current medical practice to incorporate physical alterations through plastic surgery into their appropriate place in a holistic multi-staged program of Gender Dysphoria treatment.

MTF Breast Augmentation

For transwomen and non-binary transfeminine patients, breast augmentation can be particularly satisfying as it results in more easily establishing a public feminine social identity. Counseling and hormone therapy as well as living as their chosen gender for a period of time usually precede the decision to have breast augmentation surgery. It is current medical practice that the physician prescribing hormones and the authority overseeing psychological counseling both document that breast enhancement would be appropriate if hormone therapy does not produce the desired physical results.

Gender Dysphoria Treatment is a Process

Dr. Mosser recognizes the importance of close collaboration with other social and medical personnel involved in treating a transgender patient, and that performing surgery on a transgender patient requires additional preparation, especially if breast/chest reconstruction is coordinated with an ongoing hormone therapy regimen under the supervision of another physician. Helping the patient to understand what can realistically be accomplished by top surgery is also an essential responsibility of the plastic surgeon.

Post-surgery may also require long-term treatment involving more than merely physical recovery, but emotional and psychological recovery as well. Special arrangements may have to be made for patients coming from long distances so they will have sufficient recovery time following surgery, or referral arrangements made for long-term aftercare in the patient’s home location. Communication between the plastic surgeon and the patient’s other professional support personnel is also important in ensuring a positive post-operative adjustment.

A full-service plastic surgery practice such as Dr. Mosser’s in San Francisco can provide the expanded support required for patients requiring treatment for Gender Dysphoria. Dr. Mosser is a board certified plastic surgeon  with specialized training in aesthetic breast augmentation, breast reduction and chest reconstruction. He also has gained a well-earned reputation as an understanding and compassionate doctor who believes that candid communications and good rapport between patient and doctor aids in achieving positive results and a shorter recovery period.