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Dr. Mosser knows that the transgender experience of healthcare in the US is still severely lagging in many cases.  By carefully choosing a team that believes in the importance of this work, he works to create a completely different experience for his patients from the very start.

Dr. Mosser’s hope is that at the end of your healthcare experience through his office and these surgical facilities, you feel like you have taken a trip to the future of healthcare, where gender acceptance is an absolute given, and respect for everyone’s place on the gender spectrum is a core norm of life.

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St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco California has embraced Dr. Mosser’s transgender work from the highest levels of leadership on down, by creating a Transgender Program at St. Francis, as well as specialized hospital training in trans sensitivity, pronoun usage and personalized support.  There is even a transgender liaison nurse team which works directly with transgender patients whenever needed.

St. Francis has been helping to empower marginalized groups with state of the art healthcare for over 100 years, and they are excited to be on the forefront of transgender care in San Francisco.

Vista Surgery Center is a fully accredited surgery center located in the same building as Dr. Mosser’s office, on the 26th floor. Committed to providing transgender patients comprehensive care in a sensitive, inclusive and empowering setting, Vista Surgery Center features state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class medical professionals to make your stay safe, comfortable and supported.

Vista Surgery Center offers advantages over a traditional hospital environment, including size, quality, service, and cost. Because Vista is smaller than traditional hospitals, it’s a more intimate setting, where you can have your surgical procedure in a quieter and calmer environment. Further, the low patient-to-staff ratio ensures highly personalized and attentive pre- and post-operative care.

About Dr. Mosser

Dr. Mosser is a board certified plastic surgeon who has a deep and long-lasting commitment to gender confirmation surgery. He has over 13 years of experience performing gender affirming surgeries and has been exclusively devoted to gender affirming care since the opening of The Gender Confirmation Center in 2013. Dr. Mosser believes that the best results are obtained when he first understands the needs and desires of his patients, and then empowers them with understanding of what leads up to and comes after surgery, ensuring that the patient has realistic goals about what can be achieved. He emphasizes a superior level of customer service and compassion from start to finish, with the hope that his patients are constantly aware that they have the full support of the entire team from the initial consultation through the completion of recovery.

Dr. Mosser always works to educate himself on the emerging needs of the transgender community, and spends time educating fellow medical professionals on the challenges and inspiration that trans individuals bring to the surgical experience.


We strive to empower transgender individuals to take control and become the self-made person they want to be. From our website to our office experience, we provide a supportive environment for patients to ask questions and learn about best practices to be able to make the best decision for their surgical transition.

We believe that it is every person’s right to feel comfortable in their own body. This is why we use the Informed Consent model, and recognize that there are genders beyond the binary: FTM, MTF, nonbinary, genderqueer, transmasculine, transfeminine, genderfluid, agender, butch – this is just a slice of the spectrum of our patients’ gender identities. Moreover, we have an insurance advocacy team who have successfully secured insurance coverage for over 90% of our patients.

We hope to reinforce the confidence trans people already have in themselves across our entire patient experience. All of our staff members (even those who do not interact with patients) have received transgender competency education because in our office we already live in a world where trans inclusion is a part of everyday life.

We admire the authentic self that emerges from within throughout this journey. Since Dr Mosser is skilled in a wide variety of techniques, for every individual patient we lay out all possible options so they can personalize surgery according to their needs and preferences.

We strive to help trans people to reach the right balance between being comfortable with themselves and showing the world who they truly are. Through attendance at international transgender conferences, Dr. Mosser works to educate himself on the needs of the transgender community, and also educates fellow medical professionals on the challenges and inspiration that trans individuals bring to the surgical experience.

Dr. Mosser’s Credentials

Dr. Mosser is a board certified plastic surgeon.  He is a cofounder of the American Society of Gender Surgeons, and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), is a member of WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health) and the United States Professional Association of Transgender Health (USPATH) and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Learn more about Dr. Mosser’s medical training and meet the rest of our team here.

The Gender Confirmation Center Philosophy

We strive to empower transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse individuals to become the self-made person they see themselves as. From our website to our office experience, we provide a supportive environment for patients to ask questions and learn about best practices so they can make the best decision for their surgical transition.

Our practice firmly believes that everyone has a right to feel at home in their body and we fully recognize the beautiful array of gender identities that exist within and beyond the gender binary. Access to gender surgery should not be limited by hormone use, BMI, or any other identifying factor. We are leaders in working with non-binary patients who want top surgery or body contouring, and we are growing our practice to include facial feminization surgery for femme identifying trans and non-binary folks.

Our practice uses the Informed Consent Model because we believe that our patients can make educated decisions about their unique gender journey. Moreover, we provide an Insurance Advocacy Team who has successfully secured insurance coverage for over 90% of our patients.

We hope to reinforce the confidence trans people already have in themselves across our entire patient experience. All of our staff members (even those who do not interact with patients) have received transgender competency education. We want to be a part of creating a world in which  trans inclusion is a part of everyday life.

We admire the authentic self that emerges from within throughout this journey. Since Dr. Mosser is skilled in a wide variety of techniques, we lay out all possible options for each of our patients so they can personalize surgery according to their needs and preferences. We strive to help trans people to reach the right balance between being comfortable with themselves and showing the world who they truly are.

Traveling to See Us

Patients come to Dr. Mosser for treatment in San Francisco from cities and countries all over the world. His experienced staff will help coordinate all the details, from pick up at the airport, local accommodations, consultation, surgical procedure, recovery and follow up visits. Your virtual consultation can be arranged by phone to learn about specific procedures and options available. Learn more about traveling to visit The Gender Confirmation Center in San Francisco here.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Scott Mosser (He/Him),Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Scott W. Mosser, MD began his career in Medicine as a Fulbright Scholar to Ecuador, where he spent a year investigating the Ecuadorian healthcare system. He is a graduate of Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX) and Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH), where he completed his internship and six years of comprehensive general and plastic surgery training. This was followed by a year-long fellowship dedicated to cosmetic surgery, during which time he perfected his techniques in facial and body cosmetic surgery. Dr. Mosser is a board certified plastic surgeon  and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) and is a member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health.  Dr. Mosser has a private practice with offices in downtown San Francisco at 450 Sutter Street, Union Square.

Dr. Mosser has been performing gender surgeries for over 13 years and opened The Gender Confirmation Center in 2013. Since then, he has dedicated himself exclusively to gender affirming care.

Learn more about Dr. Mosser’s commitment to gender surgery and The Gender Confirmation Center’s philosophy here.

Dr. Alexander R. Facque (He/Him),Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Alexander Facque, M.D. got his start in gender-affirming care as a resident at the Icahn School of Medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, where he first felt the importance of gender-affirming surgery. He then spent a year training under Dr. Loren Schechter as a fellow at Weiss Memorial Hospital’s Gender Confirmation Surgery and Practice Leadership in Chicago, continuing to expand his knowledge and practice. Dr. Facque is a board certified plastic surgeon  and is proud to bring his skills in facial feminization surgery, top surgery, and body contouring to The Gender Confirmation Center.

Dr. Ellie Zara Ley (She/Her), Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Ellie Zara Ley, MD completed her general surgery residency at the University of Arizona before pursuing a career in plastic surgery. She then completed a fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Utah. Dr. Ley also completed fellowships in craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah under the tutelage of distinguished pediatric surgeon Dr. Louis Morales, Jr. This was followed by hand surgery and microsurgery fellowships at the University of Southern California. After serving as an assistant clinical instructor of plastic surgery at the University of Utah, she moved back to Arizona to work in private practice, which led her to the field of gender confirming surgery. Dr. Ley was trained by Dr Toby R. Meltzer, a well-known leader of the field of gender affirming surgery. Through her work with Dr. Meltzer, as well as her multi-speciality education Dr. Ley has become an accomplished and recognized expert with vast experience and knowledge in all aspects of transgender and gender diverse surgical care.

Dr. Daniel Jacobs (He/Him),Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Daniel Jacobs, M.D. received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from U.C. Davis with highest honors and went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine with Alpha Omega Alpha honors. Dr. Jacobs completed a General Surgery residency at SC School of Medicine and a Plastic Surgery residency at USC School of Medicine. His exceptional work has been recognized through prestigious medical awards such as the ‘Sidney R. Garfield, MD Exceptional Contribution Award’ in 2017, San Jose Kaiser Permanente’s ‘Outstanding Inpatient Physician of the Year’ in 2017, and the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Medicine’ award from Santa Clara Medical Association in 2016. Dr. Jacobs is a board certified plastic surgeon  and is proud to bring his skills in top surgery to The Gender Confirmation Center.

Don Truong (He/Him),Lead Physician Associate

Don is a board-certified Physician Assistant. Don attended UCLA for his undergraduate degree studying Biology and went to Touro University California where he obtained his Dual Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies as well as Public Health. As the Lead Physician Assistant, he oversees the clinical team and strives to create an inclusive and safe environment for the transgender community. Don has achieved a lot of growth as a technical surgeon and has an excellent skill set as well as operative efficiency. He aims to provide the highest quality of work as a surgical assistant to address this underserved community.

Sophie Yip (She/Her),Physician Associate

Sophie is one of our Physician Associates at The Gender Confirmation Center. She graduated from Oregon State University in 2010 and holds a master degree from the Idaho State University, where she completed her physician assistant training. Prior to joining the GCC, Sophie was practicing orthopedics in Wisconsin on orthopedic surgery. She is an adventurer and enjoys watching Korean drama, cooking, travelling and wine tasting. Sophie believes that she can make positive impact on others with her humor and infectious personality.

Jane Chow (She/Her),Physician Associate

Jane is a Physician Associate who received her Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies at Boston University School of Medicine. In Boston, she had 13 clinical rotations in multiple hospitals and medical facilities, with her favorite rotation being in Plastic Surgery at Boston Medical Center. This was where she was first exposed to gender medicine and decided to pursue it as a career after graduating. Her interest in science and medicine sparked at a young age, resulting in her majoring in Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for her undergraduate degree. As a recent transplant to San Francisco, Jane spends her free time exploring the delicious restaurants and picturesque terrain the Bay Area has to offer.

Jenny Richman (She/Her),Physician Associate

Jenny is thrilled to have joined the gender confirmation center as a board-certified Physician Associate. Jenny grew up around Chicago, received a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Illinois and a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Midwestern University. She has previous experience in general and robotic surgery prior to training in plastic surgery to serve transgender and nonbinary patients at the GCC. Jenny enjoys cooking, hiking and exploring her new home in San Francisco.

Alexa Garol (She/Her),Physician Associate

Alexa Garol is a board-certified Physician Associate . She completed her undergraduate degree in biology as well as her Master’s of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nevada in Reno where she was born and raised. She is involved in both intraoperative and post-operative care here at the Gender Confirmation Center. Alexa completed a PA school rotation in both plastic surgery as well as a primary care rotation at an LGBTQIA+ practice during her training. Following her training she worked at a general plastics practice prior to joining us. Being relatively new to the Bay Area, she enjoys taking advantage of her days off to explore scenic new hikes, go bike riding, frequent the dog park, baking and venturing up and down the coast. She looks forward to taking care of you at GCC!

Jessica Garcia (She/Her),Registered Nurse

Jessica is our Registered Nurse. She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with her BSN. She was born and raised in Texas and moved to California a couple years ago to be closer to family. Her background is in medical-surgical ICU and most recently cosmetic dermatology. While Jessica spends most of her time providing laser hair removal services to the patients of GCC who are preparing to undergo surgery, she also assists with pre op and post op surgical patients. Outside of work she loves spending time with family and friends. Jessica also enjoys exploring the bay area and traveling. She always strives to provide a safe and inclusive space for her patients.

Paul Gonzales (He/Him),Lead Medical Assistant

Paul is our Lead Medical Assistant at The Gender Confirmation Center. Paul completed his B.S. in Biology at the University of San Francisco and received his MD degree at UERM College of Medicine in the Philippines. His interest in pursuing a career in gender-affirming surgery was inspired by Dr. Mosser himself. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of every patient’s journey with the hopes of making them feel more prepared and at ease for their life-changing surgeries. Outside of work, he is also a research assistant at the UCSF Center for Mindfulness in Surgery where he is doing a research gap year before applying for surgical residency positions. In his spare time, he likes to practice mindfulness and indulging in an omakase or a Michelin awarded restaurant in the city with his wife.

Tania Garcia (She/Her),Lead Medical Assistant

Tania is one of our Lead Medical Assistants. She was born in Mexico City, raised in San Francisco, and graduated from The Bay Area Medical Academy in 2018. She’s been an MA for 4 years, her first 3 years as an MA she served the homeless community at the Mission Neighborhood Resource center clinic in San Francisco. Tania’s 5 year plan is to continue to serve the most vulnerable populations in San Francisco as an RN. She’s very family oriented and loves spending her free time taking long drives through California’s highway 101 and taking walks at the beach.

John Alarcon (He/Him),Medical Assistant

John in one of our Medical Assistants at The Gender Confirmation Center. He was born in the Philippines and came to the US when he was 12 years old. John studied at San Francisco State University where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Physiology. John also holds an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting. Currently, he’s pursuing a master’s degree to further his medical career. As John takes great passion in working with patients, he also enjoys working at the GCC to provide healthcare and a safe environment for the Transgender and Non-Binary community. John is a huge Disney fanatic! He describes Disneyland is as his home away from home. Alongside Disneyland he also enjoys travel, culture, food, and playing with my Corgi doggo.

Derek Chen (He/They),Medical Assistant

Derek is one of our Medical Assistants at The Gender Confirmation Center. He studied Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Stanford University and is currently a master’s student at Stanford University School of Medicine studying Epidemiology and Clinical Research. Derek is passionate about addressing health and healthcare disparities in vulnerable populations and hopes to continue doing so as a family practitioner. During their free time, Derek enjoys reading science-fiction, going to different parks and exploring San Francisco’s food scene!

Andi Chaloult (She/Her),Medical Assistant and Patient Care Coordinator

Andi is a Medical Assistant and Patient Care Coordinator at the Gender Confirmation Center. She was raised in Michigan and graduated from Pomona College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Neuroscience and a minor in German Studies. Andi strives to empower patients to lead their care by providing accessible information to meet the individual needs of patients and their support systems. Andi looks forward to furthering her medical career this fall of 2022 at the Oregon Health Science University School of Medicine, where she is interested in pursuing surgery as a specialty field. Outside of work, you can find Andi on the golf course, ski slopes, or kitchen baking desserts!

Andria Baltodano (She/Her),Vice President

Our Vice President, Andria, has been a professional in the medical & aesthetic field for the past seven years. During this time, she has had the privilege of building relationships with patients from all over the world. Andria is very dedicated to the overall patient experience in our office. She has had a part in hand-selecting each member of our staff and she takes great pride in the service each one provides. Her compassion for others shines through in every patient interaction.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Andria knows all the hidden gems that San Francisco has to offer. When she’s not spending time with family or friends, you can find her out on the town dancing Salsa or practicing her Argentine Tango.

Vivi Maurico (She/Her),Practice Manager

Vivi, our Practice Manager, has always had a passion for healthcare. Born in Michigan, she interned at the University of Michigan Pediatric Advocacy Initiative and then moved to Philadelphia to become a Case Manager working to help reduce rates of recidivism. These experiences strengthened her dedication to working for traditionally underserved communities and providing high quality care. After moving to San Francisco, she worked in the service industry and re-entered the healthcare field to help open a Primary Care Office in the Mission specializing in women’s health and HIV care. Vivi strives to create a community within the work place where all patients and teammates feel safe and valued. When not at work, Vivi loves coffee-shop hopping, reading and listening to Motown.

Porsche Sansberry (She/Her),Practice Manager

Porsche, our Practice Manager, is excited to be apart of the team! She was born in Chicago, IL and moved to California back in the early 2000s. She graduated in 2020 with her Masters Degree in Public Administration with a focus in Healthcare Management. She is passionate about improving the quality of healthcare, wellness and helping others. Outside of work you can find Porsche hiking, cooking, traveling or simply relaxing watching a good Netflix movie/series.

Alyssa Couch (She/Her),Lead Authorization Coordinator

Alyssa joined GCC back in 2021 after graduating and became a certified Medical Assistant with the practice. She eventually transitioned into the Surgery Coordinator position and later promoted to the Lead Insurance Coordinator. Guiding patients from insurance approval to a surgery date is one of the things she loves about her job. Outside of work she loves to do outdoor activities such as camping and hiking! Alyssa loves to explore new foods to satisfy her taste buds and of course hang out with her fur babies.

Emilia Melancon (She/Her),Patient Care Coordinator

Emilia, one of our Patient Coordinators, is thrilled to be part of the team. She is currently an undergraduate Bio Chemistry student at the University of San Francisco. She is passionate about empowering people to be their true selves and hopes to continue working in health care as a physician. Emilia enjoys playing with her two golden retrievers, going to the gym, and relaxing with friends and family. She also enjoys cooking meals from around the world.

Brittany Williams (She/They),Patient Care Coordinator

Brittany is a California native from the East Bay area. She is a recent Graduate of California State University East Bay, receiving her BS in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Public Health. She plans to further her education in healthcare moving forward. She has traveled throughout various part of the United States, enjoys cooking food from all around the world for her family and friends, and engages in arts and craft projects.

Olivia Bensman (She/Her),Patient Care Coordinator

Olivia is a SF Bay Area Native, studying Spanish at Berkeley City College. She is a trained birth doula who is passionate about getting all individuals the healthcare they need and loves being a part of fostering a safe space for trans folk. She is an avid reader, knitter, and hiker.

Nelly Maltez (She/Her),Lead Surgery Coordinator

Nelly is our Lead Surgery Coordinator and surgical coordinator, born in San Francisco and raised in the
bay area. She studied business at UC Berkeley and is now pursuing a career in medicine,
specifically reconstructive surgery. She is excited about being a part of the team to continue to
learn how to provide the best in patient care and experiences. In her leisure time Nelly loves to
travel and is passionate about health and fitness. She is also a foodie, avidly searching for the
newest foodie finds in SF.

Veronica Olea (She/Her),Lead Surgery Coordinator

Veronica is our Surgery Coordinator, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Veronica relocated to San Francisco in 2021 and began her career with the GCC Team. Veronica obtained her Certified Clinical Medical Assistant in 2002 and continued her education receiving an Associate of Science. Veronica started her journey in health care because she has always wanted to help people and saw the medical field as an opportunity to better people’s lives. Throughout her career, Veronica has worked in many fields across the healthcare space and is very excited for the opportunity to work in plastic surgery and transform people’s lives in her new role. Her favorite part of the job is being able to interact with patients and to ensure everyone has a great experience! When the work day is over, Veronica loves to explore parts of the city– always on the look-out for new restaurants and travel recommendations!

Ryan Salvador (He/Him),Surgery Coordinator

Ryan was born in Stockton, CA but raised halftime in Stockton and Vacaville. He moved to San Francisco in 2015 to complete his BS in Business Management at San Francisco State University. Ryan has worked in many different types of industries but found his passion in Healthcare. He was working as an orthodontist assistant where he realized he wanted to further his career in healthcare, but in something different, which is what brought him to the Gender Confirmation Center. He’s working towards obtaining his BSN, but is open to helping patients in other ways until then. During Ryan’s free time he likes to work on at home DIY projects, cook, and travel to wherever the wind takes him.

John Hawkins (He/Him),Lead Billing Specialist

John is our Billing Specialist. He provides a seamless patient care experience by making sure our patients are financially prepared for their procedures. He is a healthcare professional who began his career of medical operations and billing in 2012. John is detailed, analytical, and organized making him an excellent fit for our team. He possesses a passion for financial success with each patient and receives deep satisfaction from his work. When not in the office you can find him hiking, kayaking, and exploring around the bay area!

Caleb Cummings (He/They),eLearning Instructional Designer

Caleb is our eLearning Instructional Designer at The Gender Confirmation Center. He joined the team in 2020 after a teaching career in Chicago and then San Francisco. He has degrees and experience in many fields, including education, Spanish language, international studies, and instructional design. He loves taking on special improvement projects and using his problem-solving skills. He also recently celebrated 7 years living in San Francisco and is excited for many more to come!

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