Follow Up Care Virtually and Locally

If you have traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area from a distance for your surgery and are unable to stay for the entire duration of your recovery, then it’s possible for Dr. Mosser to monitor your progress and follow up with you “virtually” through phone calls and photographs at regular intervals.

If you’re sending photos for follow up, remember these guidelines:

  • Use a zoom lens
  • Make sure you have a solid (preferably white) background
  • Ensure good lighting
  • Provide frontal views of your chest
  • Provide side (profile) views of your chest

Dr. Mosser can also collaborate with your local primary care physician (PCP) to ensure necessary follow up procedures are being completed on time. If you plan to have surgery, it’s important to speak with your PCP in advance to arrange correspondence.

It is important to note that there is the chance that you’ll experience undesirable side effects or complications. In these instances, it may be necessary for you to follow up with Dr. Mosser for an in-person evaluation.