Body Feminization Surgery: Trunk Liposuction

Trunk Liposuction is a gender-affirming body contouring procedure for patients looking to reduce the fat that accumulates around the waistline and above the hips. This technique is often discussed as a part of body feminization surgery (BFS), formerly referred to as MTF body contouring, because it creates a lower and a more cinched or contoured waistline in patients, which can approximate a waist-to-hip ratio commonly associated with a typical first estrogenic puberty. This article informs patients what the liposuction procedure in our state-of-the-art San Francisco facilities consists of, as well as the subsequent recovery process.

Feminizing Waist Liposuction San Francisco

The Process

The surgical process is fairly straightforward. Most of our patients are put under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will make very small incisions near the area you wish to contour. Through these incisions they will insert a thin suctioning tube (known as a cannula) which will act as a vacuum to remove excess fat.

Once the appropriate amount of fat has been removed, your surgeon will use fine sutures (if necessary) to secure your incisions. Your abdominal region will then be wrapped in surgical gauze and an elastic compression garment to minimize post-surgical swelling.

The entire procedure is usually completed in about an hour. Though most patients are able to return home the same day of surgery, you will need someone to pick you up and drive you home.

Recovering from Trunk Liposuction

Most patients have a smooth recovery. It’s normal to experience some bruising and discomfort during the first few days. Swelling after surgery may last for a few weeks. To control any temporary discomfort, you may receive a prescription for pain medication.

It’s important to take the first couple of days off from all regular routines to rest and recuperate. Within a few days however, you should be able to resume light activity – and after about a week you should be able to resume work and other social routines. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting, however, should be avoided for about a month.


Though trunk liposuction is typically a safe and successful procedure, all surgeries carry a degree of risk and uncertainty. Mild discomfort is common, as well as swelling, bruising and temporary numbness. Irregularities or uneven results are also possible; however this complication is minimized by the very small cannula used during trunk liposuction.

Serious complications associated with liposuction are rare, but may include infection, fluid build-up, nerve damage or blot clots. To prevent serious complications from occurring, it’s important to be as healthy as possible before having any liposuction done and to always choose an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon like those at our practice.

If you are worried about potential risks or have additional questions, we would be happy to discuss them with you during a personal consultation.

For Patients with Insurance Coverage:

If you have insurance coverage and we are a contracted provider, we are unable to offer you an out-of-pocket price. This is due to the service being reimbursed at a drastically reduced amount, limiting our ability to provide this service at a reasonable reimbursable rate.

Managed Medi-Cal plans, such as San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP), coverage has not changed for Liposuction, ensuring flexibility in Liposuction units.

Background Information:

In the past, GCC billed for multiple units, each representing different areas on the body, and the procedure was reimbursed based on the number of units. However, insurance companies are now reimbursing for only one (1) unit, regardless of the number billed.

Impact on GCC:

Since May 2023, GCC has experienced significant impacts due to reduced reimbursement for Liposuction.

Self-Pay Patients (Cash Patients):

All self-pay patients (cash patients) can still undergo the procedure in the same manner as before.

Message to Patients with Insurance Scheduled for Liposuction:

Unfortunately, currently insurance companies have decreased the reimbursement for liposuction, and starting from 1/1/2024, GCC cannot proceed with insurance-based liposuction procedures. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

For comprehensive details on our fees and available patient financing resources — including reputable credit providers and scholarships for gender-affirming surgeries — please refer to this page:

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