When is laser hair removal preferred over electrolysis?

While electrolysis and laser hair removal are both effective methods of permanent hair reduction, there are a few cases in which laser is preferred over electrolysis. It is important to note that laser hair removal works best for patients with darker hair, so we recommend looking into gender affirming electrolysis options if your facial or body hair is lighter in pigment. Please contact us to inquire about your candidacy for laser hair removal.

Why choose laser over electrolysis?

First, laser hair removal can target larger areas of the body in one treatment. Therefore, laser is preferred for patients who want to target more dense areas of hair growth. For the same reason, laser can be more effective at preparing patients for bottom surgery or for patients who want to treat their entire face in one session.

Second, when patients show up for a laser hair removal appointment, they are advised to come with the targeted area of the body clean-shaven. However, when people arrive for an electrolysis appointment, it is recommended that they arrive with hair grown out in the areas where treatment will happen. For some feminine spectrum trans people, the process of growing out facial or body hair can trigger gender dysphoria. For this reason, laser hair removal is often preferred over electrolysis because it allows for patients to shave in between sessions.

Third, laser hair removal is a less invasive treatment than electrolysis. When a provider is doing a laser hair removal treatment, the laser is applied to the surface of the skin. However, electrolysis uses a needle that goes beneath the surface to the root of hair follicles. For patients who prefer a less invasive hair removal method, laser hair removal is favored.

Lastly, laser hair removal can be less painful than electrolysis. While there is some pain and discomfort associated with both procedures, people who have had both laser and electrolysis often report that laser is less painful. This is because laser is less invasive and does not go beneath the surface of the skin. If experiencing pain or discomfort is a source of stress or anxiety, read about our tips for pain management!

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