Facial Feminizing Brow Lift

A brow lift is a procedure that lifts the brows so that they sit above the brow bone, as is more typical in people who underwent puberty influenced by estrogen. Dr. Facque can accomplish a brow lift to help feminize the face in one of two ways.

First, for patients who are having a frontal sinus setback and/or scalp advancement, Dr. Facque can perform an “open” brow lift which is done using the coronal incision (described here). The second option is a “closed” brow lift. Dr. Facque chooses this option for patients who do not want to consider a frontal sinus setback or hairline advancement. For these patients, lifting the brow can achieve a feminized look with small incisions that are hidden within the hair bearing scalp.

Facial Feminization Brow Lift Recovery

Brow lift recovery depends on the method used. For “open” brow lifts, Dr. Facque notes that the healing is similar to the process described in the frontal sinus setback because the same incision is made along the hairline, although there would be significantly less swelling for patients who want to have their brows lifted without any brow bone contouring.

The “closed” or “endoscopic” approach uses smaller incisions and cameras to lift the brows rather than the longer hairline/coronal incision, and therefore has a reduced healing timeline than described in the frontal sinus setback. This approach can be used with folks of color who have more melanated skin who may be more at risk for unfavorable scarring in more noticeable areas of the face.

Patients who have the “closed” or “endoscopic” brow lift usually resume light cardio exercises in three weeks and full activity within six weeks, In this technique, the device used to lift the brows remains in place for 6 months and dissolves over time. Therefore, patients who have the “closed” lift may experience headaches and localized discomfort in the forehead during this time.