Facial Feminizing Lip Lift and Lip Augmentation

Often, for many folks assigned male at birth, the upper lip is narrower and the length between the lip and the nose is longer than the lips of those assigned female. To help reduce experiences with dysphoria or discomfort associated with the lip shape, Dr. Facque can perform a lip lift to create a fuller and shorter upper lip shape, often resulting in a pout-like upper lip shape. The lip lift is achieved by creating an incision under the nose which is used to remove skin between the nose and upper lip.

Lip lifts can be done independently or in addition to lip augmentations. Similarly to cheek augmentations, Dr. Facque can perform a lip augmentation using a fat transfer (with a recovery time of 4 weeks) or with filler. Lip augmentations that use filler will need to be redone over time because the filler used to augment the lips is often absorbed into the body.

Facial Feminization Lip Lift and Lip Augmentation Recovery

Lip lifts and/or lip augmentations have a very short recovery time if Dr. Facque performs them alone without other procedures done on the face. Patients are asked to eat a soft diet for 2 weeks while the incision under the nose is healed and can return to full activity after 3 weeks.

Much like other incisions, the incision under the nose used to lift the upper lift will take time to heal. Generally speaking, incision scars are considered fully healed 12-18 months after surgery, but patients should expect to see the scar begin to fade away by about 6 months post-op.