Female Body Shape and Aesthetics

If you are looking for MTF/N body contouring to reduce feelings of gender dysphoria or discomfort associated with body fat distribution, there are two main body regions that we can target: waist-to-hip ratio and buttock size and shape. For a condensed breakdown of the content on this page, see our printable PDF.

Achieving a Lower Waist-to-Hip Ratio Through Body Contouring

Waist-to-hip ratio is computed by dividing your waist measurement by your hip measurement. In general, AFAB people possess a lower waist-to-hip ratio than AMAB people, and we’ve seen patients seek a lower WHR to reduce feelings of dysphoria.

Though the actual number varies, we generally aim for a WHR of 0.7 when performing MTF/N body contouring through trunk liposuction.

Your body frame will play a role in the type of results you can expect to achieve, so we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mosser to talk more about your unique goals. Additionally, it’s important to note that liposuction removes extra-abdominal fat only, so if you carry a lot of intra-abdominal weight, liposuction may not be able to produce the results you desire.

Achieving a Feminine Buttocks Through Body Contouring

Along with full breasts and a low waist-to-hip ratio, shapely buttocks can help reduce feelings of gender dysphoria in some trans women and feminine-spectrum non-binary folks.

A typical AMAB buttocks shape carries more fat in the flank areas which ultimately blunts the shape of the lower back curve. In contrast, a typical AFAB backsides often possess a noticeable roundness, fullness and projection. They also sometimes exhibit an s-curve silhouette that encompasses the gentle curve just above the buttocks combined with the outward curve of the upper buttocks.

While there are a few different procedures that can give transgender patients a fuller, more feminine backside, the most successful procedure to date is the buttocks feminization. Buttocks feminization differs from traditional buttock implants because it uses fat from selected areas of your body (rather than artificial implants) to enhance your backside.

Buttocks feminization is ideal for transgender women and non-binary transfeminine people because it not only increases fullness and projection and can decrease dysphoria or discomfort, it can also be used to eliminate or re-contour fat from regions of the body such as the abdomen or the flanks.