Introduction to Top Surgery: Transmasculine, Transfeminine, and Non-Binary Procedures

The process of learning about top surgery  can be overwhelming.  This summary page will provide you with an overview of the different sections of this website and help you make your way through the learning process. Think of this page as something of an annotated site map – and then click on the links to access the information described below.

At its core, top surgery  is defined as a variety of procedures which can reduce or augment (make bigger) the size of the chest.   This can mean significant reduction or removal of breast tissue or  a breast augmentation procedure to make the chest larger and more proportional to the rest of the body.  

Top surgery is also called chest masculinization, breast augmentation, breast feminization, etc., depending on the overall goals and the type of surgery being done. We use the terms “chest reconstruction top surgery” and “breast augmentation” as these are non-gendered terms that we hope are acceptable and affirming for a broad range of people seeking these surgeries. We use the term “top surgery” as an umbrella term for chest reconstruction top surgery and breast augmentation.

Chest Reconstruction Top Surgery

For someone thinking about  chest reconstruction top surgery (also often called a “double mastectomy” and FTM/N top surgery elsewhere) there are several considerations. For one, numerous procedures are available, and the decision among the procedure types can feel overwhelming. We have put a description of the major types of FTM/N chest reconstruction  top  surgery procedures on this summary page, and on a separate page there is a description of how you choose your  chest reconstruction top  surgery  incision based on your body’s anatomy as well.  And if you want to geek out (like Dr. Mosser does) and dig into how these procedures actually work, we have digitally animated videos about chest reconstruction  top  surgery  techniques here, with an ever-growing library.

Top surgery is not the only chest procedure or the only gender-affirming surgery we do – it is simply the most requested. There are other  procedures available and we are able to give trusted referrals to other providers with high standards for  genital surgery as well.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it’s a good idea to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation. In the meantime, as you get closer to surgery, you can read our resources on preparing for Top Surgery and recovery

Breast Enhancing/Augmenting Top Surgery (MTF/N)

Generally, most individuals who seek out breast augmentations share in common that the absence of breast tissue is uncomfortable, or the feeling that breasts might be missing.  For  breast augmentation (MTF/N), there are a few decisions that individuals need to make, which range from implant type, size, location and incision.  These Breast Augmentation  Options are discussed here.

 There is information you should know before surgery, as well as during the breast augmentation  Recovery as well.

And finally, many individuals may desire other procedures, such as gender-focused body contouring  procedures and also possible referrals to trusted specialists who perform facial gender confirming  procedures or genital  surgery .

Insurance Approval for Top Surgery:

It is important to recognize that health insurance companies are increasingly covering gender confirming procedures. Therefore, understanding this somewhat daunting process can be part of the challenge patients face.  We have laid out a full description of the surgery insurance approval process for you.  In fact, we have a full-time member of our team called our Insurance Concierge, who will pretty much take this off your hands entirely and keep you informed as she works toward getting your insurance approved.

Though it only scratches the surface, hopefully this short overview has given you an idea of the resources we focused on when making this website.  We believe in you, and we believe in providing affirming, holistic care for the transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive community. .  Please reach out to us via the contact us page for anything we can do to help.

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