Animated FTM and FTN Top Surgery Videos


These videos help explain gender surgery procedures, and more will be rolled out over time.  To learn more about what surgery options are available for your individual body type, you can read about the Mosser Method for chest analysis here

Periareolar FTM & FTN Top Surgery Video

This brief video shows you step by step how the periareolar procedure is performed, and why there can be limitations with how much skin can be removed with the periareolar surgery technique.

Double Incision

The post commonly performed procedure for FTM/N Chest Masculinization Surgery is the Double Incision procedure. This video explains the key steps for this surgery type.

Keyhole Procedure

This brief video shows you step by step how the keyhole procedure is performed, and why it’s a great procedure to minimize scars, but very few paitents have the anatomy to be a good candidate for the keyhole.

Buttonhole / Inverted T

The buttonhole and Inverted T FTM/N Top Surgery procedures are a bit more complex to understand, do and also decide about. This video is a bit longer but spells out these issues and shows you the complexities of this “inferior pedicle” procedure category.


The fishmouth FTM/N Top Surgery Procedure provides a non-traditional scar location, and more of a gender neutral result.

Nipple Reduction

In this video we’ll focus on the Nipple Reduction procedure, which can be performed as part of a top surgery, or a revision down the road.

What are FTM and FTN Top Surgery dog ears?  Why do they occur? How are they fixed?

In this video Dr. Mosser will give you a comprehensive answers about what dog ears are.

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