Fishmouth Top Surgery

Fishmouth incision top surgery

The fishmouth incision method is a type of chest reconstruction top surgery, formerly referred to as FTM top surgery, which involves removal of chest tissue using a non-traditional incision location across the middle of the chest. This article provides information about the top surgery scar appearance, advantages, risks, effects on nipple sensation, and degree of chest flatness achieved with the fishmouth incision method. Find out if you are a good candidate for this gender confirmation surgery here.

The fishmouth procedure combines elements of other surgical procedures. In some ways it is like a double incision surgery and in other ways it is like the inverted-T or buttonhole technique. However, the scars are in a different location than the other procedures. The fishmouth technique results in scars that go around the areola and then extend out horizontally from each side of the areola.

Our practice has found that patients who are non-binary and/or gender expansive sometimes prefer this method; however, it is a procedure that anyone of any gender can opt for in collaboration with your surgeon.

Advantages of the Fishmouth Procedure

One of the advantages of the fishmouth procedure is, somewhat like the inverted-T or buttonhole, there is something of a chance of keeping nipple sensation after surgery. However, this chance of full nipple sensation is considerably lower than what can be achieved with a buttonhole procedure type. Another advantage is the ability to keep a considerable degree of flatness and tightness to the chest that can be flatter than with the inverted-T approach.

In Summary:

This is a great procedure for those who desire a more non-conventional scar location than traditional double incision or periareolar/keyhole chest reconstruction top surgery, as well as those who seek a higher chance of retaining nipple sensation. However, if you prefer scars that only go around the areola or are located at the base of the pectoral muscles, then the fishmouth procedure is not the right option for you. It is a good idea to discuss all possible options with your surgeon so you can make a decision regarding procedure choice together.