Areola Excision Top Surgery

Many non-binary people seek out surgical interventions to combat dysphoria or discomfort. At The Gender Confirmation Center, we understand the importance of providing our FTN (female to non-binary) community members with different non-binary top surgery incision techniques. We now offer areola excision top surgery to our patients who feel affirmed by surgical results without nipples or areolas.

What is areola excision top surgery?

This new top surgery technique offers patients a non-binary appearing chest after surgery. Much like other top surgery procedures, areola excision top surgery also removes excess chest tissue to create a tight and flat chest. However, this option is best suited for patients who do not want areolas or nipples after surgery. 

During surgery, a small incision is made to remove (excise) the areolas, which leaves two small circular incisions in the middle of the chest. Then, we replace those small circle scars with horizontal scars on the chest in the place of nipples. These scars are usually about three times as long as the areola used to be and will be oriented horizontally on the chest. 

Two circular incisions are made surrounding the areola to remove the nipple completely. The resulting scar is a horizontal line, about three times the size that the areola used to be, and is located where the areola had been. 

Do I qualify for areola excision top surgery?

Ideal patients for an areola excision top surgery are patients who would also qualify for keyhole or periareolar incisions who do not want their nipples or areolas in their final surgery result. These patients want a flat and tight chest but don’t want a double incision result because of the incision placement, because the results don’t reflect their non-binary identity, or because they don’t want free nipple grafts. 

To learn more about areola excision top surgery, schedule a consultation with our surgical team today.